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The Wolf Pack

Not too shabby...

Anyway, things are going well! It's exciting seeing a film being made and being on set. It's just been so hot these past couple of days. Yesterday we were shooting in the park and it was hell! First day of shooting we were in Venice Beach and it was so windy, my car is still covered in sand :\  I've finally settled in to an apartment, share the place with three other people, but I get my own room.  I think this weekend I'll go fabric shopping, since I found out I'm pretty close to Mood and then down the street is F&S and Farthingales.  :)
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OOO Sounds good, I'll check it out! Thanks!

No it's not, boy do I wish it was!!!! I would die right on the spot from happiness! It's from the new Twilight movie, New Moon.