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I've been working on my new stays! Yah, I know finally!! They are coming along very well. I decided to try this method instead of the usual put all the pieces together and then bind them. The bias tape I bought is too wide so I need to cut the strip in two and re-iron it. They didn't have the color I wanted in a smaller size so :P

The party so much fun last night!! I'll post pictures later cause I'm really tired right now and have a headache. XP Until then you can ogle over this pictures of the teal corset I finished..

This time I thought I would try the sandwich method again. Yah that was a good idea. It took a lot longer than the 'fold over' method. I just didn't like how it goes together, but I like the flat seams that you don't get when you do the 'fold over'.

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AAW your so sweet! Thanks!! ^_^ lol You will get them done, don't worry!