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Twilight night!

YAY!! I'm going to get Twilight tonight!!! ::fangirl scream and dance:: And cause I'm such a geek I'm having a little viewing party tomorrow night, just for fun. People need fun!!!!


Oh no! [whinge]

'Twilight' isn't out on dvd yet here! Oh dear... I'll just have to read the book, again. Might steel your "viewing party" idea for a few months hence :-)
lol Sure! Wish you could come to mine! :)
lol! Well of course I bought the 2 disc special for the deleted scenes! There is also some extended scenes and a look at the making of the film!! One of the deleted scenes is really good Edward yummyness!! >_< Wish they left it in!!!! A part that I thought was in the book, but I can't remember so I'm re-reading it to see.

When does it come out there?